Odour Eliminating Gel


The Odour eliminating gel works in the background for ongoing odour control. Just open and leave, it doesn’t pump nasty chemicals into the air, leaves a smell free environment for approximately 30 days.

  • Continuous, 24/7, odour control.
  • Like a candle you never have to blow out.
  • A very low-maintenance product, because all you have to do is take the seal off and set it somewhere in the room. Then you’re done!
  • Can put anywhere in room. Just needs ambient air flow.
  • Can place in air vent, so all air coming into room is odour free.
  • We would recommend treating the room with the spray first, then setting the gel in the air vent.
  • lasts for about 30 days.
  • Covers a 10×20 sq. ft. room per get pot.
  • Use in rooms – bathrooms, laundry rooms (soiled linens), musty basements, smoky rooms, etc.
  • Although not recommended it is not harmful if accidently consumed.

Odour Eliminating Spray


Direct spray for instant odour removal.

  • Immediate, targeted odour control.
  • Least concentrated liquid.
  • Can smell plant oils right away, but will dissipate within 10 seconds.
  • Can be used on anything that’s water-safe.
  • Can be sprayed on a cloth to wipe down surfaces.
  • Will not leave a residue. Some other products on the market leave oily residue on the floor, making it slippery.
  • Spray on draperies, furniture, and linens that have absorbed odour in rooms.

Odour Eliminating Additive


Highly concentrated odour neutraliser for extraction machines, laundries, mop buckets, or direct cleaning and odour control. It is used in a diluted form.

  • Add to detergent when cleaning linens, towels, clothing, micro fiber mops, etc.
  • Can be used in extraction machines. As well as elimination the odour from the surface it also clears the extraction machine of bad odour.
  • Can be added to steamers to provide an odour control to the steamer.
  • Once diluted it can be used in multiple ways in mop buckets or directing wipingCan be used to great effect as an additive in the laundry along with detergents to eliminate bad odours. Many facilities end up throwing out tons of linens because they can’t rid them of odour Bleach can weaken the fibres if used often. Plus, not all linens are white. The Odour eliminating Additive provides another option.

Upholstery & Mattress Deodoriser


A direct spray foaming deodoriser and cleaner for upholstery, mattresses and all washable fibres and fabrics.

The complete Odour management system

  • Odour Illuminating Gel
  • Odoure Illuminating Air & Surface Spray
  • Odour Illuminating Additive
  • Upholstery & Mattress Deodoriser Carpet Shake


  • Natural – only plant oils and water
  • Non-toxic
  • No chemicals, alcohol, or harmful VOCs
  • Safe, MSDS
  • No added fragrance. Plant oils dissipate and you’re left with no odour
  • Does not mask, or cover up, odour. Completely eliminates it

What Is it?

A range of effective odour eliminating products designed for the healthcare market for immediate odour elimination and ongoing odour management. All products have the same underling technology and smell.

Where it can be used?

Can be used in all rooms where malodours, urine and other bodily fluids, are a problem. Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, lounge areas, kitchens, sluice rooms, laundry rooms (Soiled linens), smoking rooms, etc

Why it’s different?

Works in a different way to other deodorisers as it doesn’t mask, it completely eliminates the smell. All-natural odour eliminator made from water and natural plant oils. Safe non-toxic, no chemicals, alcohol, or harmful VOCs, Ph. neutral.