Supply Chain Management Built Around Your Industry Needs

Sourcing and Importing

Our services fall into two main categories, these being sourcing and procurement.

Sourcing products directly from the Far East can greatly reduce costs and therefore increase profitability. The process of reliable sourcing from the Far East and supply to your front door with consistent quality is what we do. This leaves you free to progress your business without the worry of supply. We are experts in sourcing products from China, we find the right factories to service your needs, manage production, inspect, and ship directly to you at a price that make you competitive in your market.

Our experience and capabilities allow us to act as an extension to your procurement department. Purchasing departments are tasked with reducing costs while supporting daily operations to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

We source and deliver good quality products consistently for the social care, healthcare, catering and hospitality sectors. 
Our services include:

  • Production partnership with our manufacturers
  • A comprehensive evaluation of manufacturers
  • Selection of the most reliable manufacturers
  • Sample production and approval
  • Production management
  • Production and load inspections
  • Shipping and transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Facilitation of Back up stock
  • Assistance in disaster Recovery planning


Purchasing departments are tasked with reducing costs while supporting daily operations to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Implementing a good strategic sourcing initiative for supplies allows companies to stretch their budget while building strategic, long-term relationships with suppliers that ensure consistent quality and availability of products.

Our team of sourcing professionals act as an extension of your purchasing efforts to not only save you on cost and time, but to create an integrated supply chain with strategic partnerships critical to your business objectives.

Our team of professional and experienced purchasing individuals would be your single resource for strategic sourcing, procurement, and delivery coordination. Our assistance with your budgets control helps you cost out each item and our understanding of your operations allows us to optimise purchasing schedules and provide cash-flow projections aid planning. We work on your behalf to ensure you get the operating supplies your business needs on time at the right price and at a consistent quality. We make sure you get absolute clarity on your purchasing data through good Management Information.

End to End Supply Management

We offer E2E supply management solutions that are tailored to your requirements. This includes:

  • Order management and scheduling
  • Shipping and freight management
  • Haulage service in the UK and overseas
  • Warehousing in the UK and overseas
  • Stock call off from our warehouses
  • Product tracking
  • Container load inspection, Optimisation, palletising and tracking
  • Palletised service and delivery
  • Management information and reporting.

Local Presence in the Far East

There is no substitute for local presence overseas. We have an office in China and staff that have extensive local knowledge. Our staff are responsible for managing production and ensuring that the service and quality levels we have set are being maintained. They are also responsible for maintaining good ongoing relationships with our factories. Local presence allows us to react quickly and effectively at ground level to any issues or queries.

Our staff are able to randomly audit factories and carry out DUPRO (during production), FRI (Final random) and load inspections to ensure consistent quality.

Further Information

For more information about the services we offer, please contact us.