Complete Manufacturing Solutions From Design To Production

Manufacturing Capability

All our factories are ISO 9001 and ISO14001 accredited and they have all been audited. As a part of the Audit process we ensure they conform to standards of ethical practice. Our local staff continue to monitor the factories along with regular visits from UK senior management. With some factories we have a manufacturing investment and operate in a partnership approach. With other we have long term relationships. We also have back up production facilities as a contingency plan. All our manufacturing partners undergo a stringent selection process and ongoing monitoring. The type of factors accessed include:

  • Production facilities and standards
  • Product Quality
  • Service and willingness to build long term relationship
  • Manufacturing set up and capacity
  • Ability to deliver on time
  • Track record and stability
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Business Ethics
  • Management Team and internal culture

Production & Quality Control

Good production control starts with good production partners. We spend great effort in selecting the highly capable manufacturers with high levels of production control and monitoring already in place. Where required we will work with our manufacturing companies to implement quality procedures that meet our high requirements and service levels. We always work to agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA) and continually monitor the SLAs. Technical understanding of the products and the manufacturing process required to produce them is a mandatory requirement for consistent product quality and on time production. Our manufacturing background and an understanding of our products at a technical level ensures good production control. For continuous production control our Far East office work to SLAs, schedules and production check lists that are defined by our UK team.

Inspections & Testing

We have a very comprehensive inspection and testing regime for all our production. This consists of several layers of inspections from During Production (DUPRO) right through to Final Random (FRI) and Load inspection. We have access to testing laboratories for all our products. This enables us to set the initial product specification and ongoing testing against gold seal samples.

Relationship Management

We work with solid and reliable production partners who require ongoing relationship management. The management and development of this relationship is greatly enhanced through our local representation from our Far East office. Any issues or disputes can be handled immediately with a personal presence and in sympathy with local culture and practices.

Contingency Planning

Even with the best endeavours in the real world there are situations that are out of our control which could lead to production issues. Although these are very rare we always have access to highly audited backup production capability and capacity. This ensures continuous supply that is seamless to our customer’s delivery and quality requirements.

We plan delivery schedules together with our customers and will often bring stock into our warehouses earlier than required ready for onward delivery on dates required by our customers. We hold infill stock or call off stock at our warehouses throughout the country in case of shipment delays or shortfall.

Further Information

For more information about the services we offer, please contact us.